Project Type : Professionnal
Role : 3D Developper
Realized by the Design Studio of Dassault Systèmes in partnership with Onroak Automotive, holoOak is an immersive experience in mixed reality. This experience let the user dive into a pit stop at the famous car race « Les 24h du Mans » as the pit manager or one of the mecanicians. It run on the Microsoft Hololens headset in collaborative mode, two headsets are linked on a Wifi network, one as the manager and the oser as the mecanician.

HoloOak appears in the Microsoft magazine The Record, you can read the article here. First released on the Design in the Age of Exeprience 2017, the design conference of Dassault Systèmes in Milan; the experience was also showed at the Internationnal Automobile Festival 2018 in Paris.