15 février 2016

About me


Christophe Bonnard

« Details make perfection and perfection is not a detail »

L. Da Vinci

After being graduated of a two-year technical degree in Audiovisual with the option Editing and Post-Production in 2014, I desired to  complete my training by the 3D Real Time Bachelor at Hétic. this technical training for 3D jobs is oriented on the new way of using 3D : Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Web, Simulation, Design, CAO, Architecture, BIM.
This training teach me :
● Production rigor and methodology
● Tools and Workflows adaptation capabilities
● Multi-purpose and expertise
● technologie implementation
● Taste for Technical watch and Innovation
My profesional aim is to put my skills in the service of firms that developp the new way of using Real Time 3D. Trained to team-working as volunteer fireman for 4 years, I’ve also several experiences of professionnals audiovisuals productions under the orders of experimented directors.

Open my Curriculum Vitae (pdf)